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What are the effects of substance abuse?

Some drugs are good and some are bad but even a big intake of a good drug is bad but talking about bad drugs.. Just think if your giving your body a drug Your body will get us (MORE)

What are substance abuse symptoms?

Change in friends; hanging out with a new group. * Reclusive behavior - long periods spent in self imposed isolation. * Long, unexplained absences. * Lying and stealing. (MORE)

Why does substance abuse affect relationships?

  Answer   This is one of those "which came first, the chicken or the egg?" questions. A lot of people abuse chemicals (including alcohol) because there is an underl (MORE)

What causes substance abuse?

Most often, people develop drug addictions because they are depressed/unhappy, or have a psychiatric disorder, and are attempting to self-medicate in order to feel better or t (MORE)

Do narcissists admit to being substance abusers?

I do not think they do. They lack the ability to acceot that they are anything but right. My narcissistic ex-husband abused alcohol. Being a psychologist he came up with all s (MORE)

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How can substance abuse lead to conflict in relationships?

Unfortunately, when you are impaired you are not as open to another  person. Emotions, sharing experiences, working and other parts of  life take a backseat. If you also dep (MORE)