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What does substantive mean?

It means having weight or value. A substantive question is one of some importance, and a substantive response is one that contains some information and value.

What is substantive restraints?

Substantive restraints are procedural restraints used whenconsulting the US Bill of Rights. Substantive restraints are notusually physical restraints.
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What is substantive fairness?

Substantive fairness is therefor judges to decide is the particular contract fair and was it made in the good faith .
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What is a substantive committee?

Appointed by the House speaker, a substantive committee considers bill and resolutions related to the subject identified by its name and may recommend passage of proposed legi (MORE)
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What is substantive significance?

A 'Substantive Significance' is concerned with the meaning. So, if you do an experiment concerning the population in a country, what do the findings say about population effec (MORE)

What is a substantive offense?

"A crime that is complete in itself and is not dependent on another crime for one of its elements." example: Solicitation (Allurement) Noun the act of enticing a person t (MORE)

What is a substantive noun?

"A substantive noun or a substantive is . . . a name which can stand by itself, in distinction from an adjective noun or an adjective. It is the name of an object of though (MORE)
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What is a pure substants?

A pure substance is any substance with a fixed chemical composition, meaning either a single element or a compound (chemically-bound elements in a fixed ratio).