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Substantive procedures to audit prepaid deposits?

See the reason for deposit. Then how Deposit was created and check relevant agreement/support that the deposit is long-term or short term... Be Alert for Related Party Transa (MORE)

Are Statute of limitations procedural or substantive?

In CA, the statute of limitations is substantive. A def may, at any time during the trial process, plead the statute of limitations as a defense. It does not matter if the def (MORE)

What is a substantive position?

  a Substantive position is a your normal position of employment. When you work in Job A, but are assigned temporarily to Job B, Job A is your substantive position.

What is Substantive law?

Substantive law is the statutory or written law that governs rights and obligations of those who are subject to it. Substantive law defines the legal relationship of people wi (MORE)
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What is a substantive committee?

Appointed by the House speaker, a substantive committee considers bill and resolutions related to the subject identified by its name and may recommend passage of proposed legi (MORE)

What does substantive post mean?

This is a common parlance in government services. When a person is promoted from one position to higher position, the previous position is called substantive post. For example (MORE)

What is substantive due process?

Substantive due process uses the Fourteenth Amendment to protect fundamental liberties not enumerated in the Bill of Rights, but implied in various Amendments and considered i (MORE)