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A similar war to the civil war?

The US Civil War & Vietnam War had the following similarities: 1. Both were North & South wars; but only the US Civil War was a true "civil war" (one nation fighting itself). (MORE)

Who were war democrats in Civil War?

The South were the Democrats of the Civil War. As odd as it seems, because now the South is mainly Republican, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the Ku Klux Klan was (MORE)

What is a Civil War?

A war between factions of the same country; there are five criteria for international recognition of this status: the contestants must control territory, have a functioning go (MORE)

Why was there Civil War?

 Because of a disagreement of if slavery should be allowed.Several new laws and such caused even more rage between the north and the south.Finally,a certain fort was destro (MORE)

What makes a war a civil war?

Answer 1  A civil war is where 2 or more factions fight to control a  single government. This did NOT happen in America 1861-1865. The  South wanted their own government.  (MORE)

Was the Civil War a just war?

Truthfully the answer to this question is really based on how you look at it. My view is yes. I believe that if we did not have a civil war we would be split or possibly mad (MORE)

Why did they have a Civil War?

the north and the south were fighting over owning slaves and went to war over it. the north also wanted to keep the union together and the south wanted to separate and make th (MORE)

Why was the Civil War named Civil when it wasn't civil at all?

Answer   The word civil does not just mean polite. It can also mean of or relating to the citizens of a country. A civil war is one that occurs between the people of a si (MORE)
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Was there a declaration of war Civil War?

Short answer: No, can't declare war on yourself. Long answer: The whole purpose of the Civil War was for a new nation to be created, the Confederate States of America. If Linc (MORE)