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What is a suburb?

A suburb is an area on the outskirts of a city An area or community located outside of, but near a larger city or town. outside a city or town

What is the rise of the suburbs?

After World War II, many returning service men made use of the GIBill to purchase homes. Many new housing developments sprung upoutside of major cities, in close enough proxim (MORE)

Why are suburbs important?

mostly because most of the migrants from used to live during their arrivals, we just discussed about that in my history class today.
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Do you live in a suburb?

I can tell you why is it good to live in a suburb. Because a suburb is peaceful, there are not a lot of traffic jams and so on.........
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What are the suburbs of Dublin?

There are many suburbs of Dublin, far too many to list. The map of the link below shows some of them, but there are many more, if you zoom in on it. There are many suburbs of (MORE)
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Where is the suburb of Bucati?

The suburb of Bucati is located in the country of Italy. One can learn more about the country of Italy at popular on the web sources such as Lonely Planet and National Geograp (MORE)
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Why is there suburbs?

Because everything can't be all in the same place. There areadvantages and drawbacks to everything. In a town or a city,everything is nearby, but it can cost a lot to live the (MORE)