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What was life like in the suburbs in the 1950?

Extremely reasuring. Solid job markets. Great economy. The baby  boom hit making more families with soldiers coming home. Women  could get jobs easier. Americans even had mo (MORE)
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What are the suburbs arround Kingston Ontario?

The west-end of Kingston is very suburban. Pretty much all subdivisions, box stores/malls and strip malls. I guess it keeps growing and reaching past Amherstview and towards t (MORE)

What suburbs have been affected by the Christchurch Earthquake?

Many suburbs, particularly those east of the city centre, have been seriously affected by the quake. Although fatalities are largely confined to the inner suburbs, outer subur (MORE)

What is a suburb of Christchurch called?

Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand include:  ** Addington  ** Avondale  ** Avonhead  ** Avonside  ** Beckenham  ** Bexley  ** Bishopdale  ** Bryndwr  ** Burnside  (MORE)

Is East Saint Louis Illinois a suburb?

  Yes, technically. But it's a long-established city with a long and turmulous history.
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Where is the best sushi in the Chicago suburbs?

Without question. The best northern suburban sushi restaurant is TSUKASA of TOKYO in Vernon Hills. It has incredible quality, the best specialty rolls, authentic Japanese owne (MORE)

Why do many people who live in suburbs commute?

Because... if the cities where they work aren't close to their neighborhood... they have to get there somehow. xP And some people don't want to pay for gas and a car. So they (MORE)

Why were suburbs developed?

Suburbs were developed due to the "white fight." White Americans moved away from the urban city and the African Americans that had moved into the city during WWII because of a (MORE)