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Are there subways in Philadelphia?

Yes, there are subways in Philadelphia. We have the Broad StreetLine which operates a north-south, south-north route. We also havean Elevated line that uses tunnels as well ca (MORE)

What is a subway?

An underground series of tunnels with trains running through them. They are used as a form of mass transit allowing pedestrians to get across big cities generally quicker than (MORE)

What country is subway from?

England had them earliest, but the first subway system in Continental Europe was in Budapest- Buda Line One- started up in l896 and still operating restored pattern of l896 ca (MORE)

Who had a subway system?

Rochester! at various times in the twentieth century- probably using trolley cars modified for center-third rail ops- as Manhattan used for streetcars ( as there was no trolle (MORE)

How do you use a subway?

In most subway systems, there is a turnstile at the entrance. You must put your fare card/ payment type into the designated slot and the turnstile will open or you will be abl (MORE)

What can you do at subway?

They sell you food and drink, specialising in filled rolls (or subs as they say in the US). Even though they have staff toilets, they normally don't provide these services to (MORE)