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What does succinct mean?

The definition is 'short and to the point' or 'brief and to the point.' go to the point Answer Brief and precise as in "His answer was succinct"
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Sentence for succinct?

Succinct means short and to the point. An example of succinct usedin a sentence is: He gave a succinct summary of the first chaptersof the story for those who were late to the ( Full Answer )
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Succinct in a sentence?

This question is so short that it is its own answer.. Or you could try "Write succinct sentences !"
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Find a sentence with succinct in it?

It is important for dancers to be very succinct in their movements in order to receive high scores for their perfomance.
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How do you use the word succinct?

Succinct means concise, or precise, so to use it in a sentence you could say: The Governor's speech was short, succinct and to the point.
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What is a succinct definition of an essay?

Here are the shortest ones I could find by googling it! . try: make an effort or attempt; "He tried to shake off his fears"; "The infant had essayed a few wobbly steps"; "Th ( Full Answer )
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Can you put succinct in a sentence?

"The teacher asked for succinct responses on the short answer test because she didn't feel in the mood for grading long-winded explanations."
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Use succinct in a sentence?

"I wanted to keep my speech short, so I gave a succinct outline of the facts." Succinct means short and clear. Eg. If a teacher asked you to summarize a paragraph succinctl ( Full Answer )
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Why is color blindness considered succincter?

You see, you can say "color blindness" in just two words, as compared to "the disability of being unable to perceive the full range of color that the average human being perce ( Full Answer )