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Why do humans suck?

Humans suck because ever since the dawn of recorded history, and probably before then, the only thing on Mans mind was Food, Sex, Power and how to get them easier and faster. (MORE)
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What does 'Where the bee sucks there suck you' mean?

The correct quotation from Shakespeare's The Tempest is as follows: Where the bee sucks. there suck I: In a cowslip's bell I lie; There I couch when owls do cry. On the (MORE)

Why does Will suck?

These are the top 10 reasons why Will is awesome   He doesn't like gingers.  He likes Women.  He eats babies.  He is the love of Jennifer Love Hewwit.  Everyone is turn (MORE)

Do the redsox suck?

that depends on opion if your a Yankee fan you are ganna say yes they do because they only won 10 pennates and 16 world seires compared to the yankess 27 words series and 18 p (MORE)

Why does dodge suck?

I can tell you right now that dodge doesnt suck. I think you mean ford. Dodge just has transmission problems every 40,000 miles. That isn't bad compared to being screwed from (MORE)
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Do zoos suck?

zoos are just imprisoning the animals animals need fresh space to run around in not just stand there all day looking pretty

What is a synonym for sucks?

If you mean sucking through a straw then "slurp" might do or "Move liquid by creating a vacuum" or even "breathe in". If you mean something is no good, then "disappointing" (MORE)

Does securitas suck?

HAving been employed by them for almost 2 years. And having been screwd over by them numerous times. I would have to say yes. They suck. They care nothing for their employees. (MORE)