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What is sucralose?

Answer Sucralose is a non-caloric sweetener that was discovered in 1976 and approved as a food ingredient by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 1998 following extensi (MORE)

What soft drinks contain sucralose?

There is a list at I don't think it is up to date, however. Pepsi One and Diet Rite are the only "major" bran (MORE)

Which brands contain sucralose as a sweetener?

That would be Splenda. I read this on a site:. "Splenda is not sugar, and it is not natural. The sweetening ingredient in Splenda is sucralose, which is made using a multi-st (MORE)
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What is 'sucralose'?

Sucralose An artificial sweetener that's about 600 times sweeter than sugar. Its trade name is Splenda. This crystalline, free-flowing sweetener is both water soluble and s (MORE)

Why is sucralose used?

Sucralose is a non-nutritive sweetener. manypeople prefer this non-nutritive sweetener to avoid gainingexcessive weight or the disease known as diabetes caused by anexcessive (MORE)

Is sucralose organic?

It is a magical substance that will take you to the moon if you consume enough. If you consume to much your child will have ADHD and you will be a planet. 'Cause that is just (MORE)

What is the difference between sucralose and splenda?

Sucralose is an ingredient in splenda. Splenda is about 99% dextrose and maltodextrin and the rest in sucralose. Sucralose is a chemical created by adding 3 chlorine molecules (MORE)
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What brands of juice have sucralose in them?

Diet V8 Splash Juice contains Sucralose, it advertises itself with no calories and that it contains your daily needs of fruits/vegetables. Not a lot of juices contain Sucralos (MORE)