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What is suction?

An A/C compressor sucks refrigerant gas from the evaporator inside the car and compresses it into high pressure liquid. So the tubing that goes from the evaporator inside the (MORE)
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What is suction machine?

Answer . The opposite of a compressor. A vacumn cleaner is a suction device. Were you ever on a baby bottle. You used suction to get the formular out of there. A suction m (MORE)

What is a suction flask?

  A suction flask is the glass bottle used to hold the liquid sucked from the throat of an aspirating patient. It is a bottle with a rubber stopper in the top. The stopp (MORE)

What is suction filtration?

  Suction filtration is conducted by using a water aspirator, suction flask and a Buchner funnel. The force of the water pulls the air out of the apparatus (assuming the f (MORE)
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What is suction canisters?

A suction canister is used in the hospital setting to create a vacuum so one can suction excess mucus. They sometimes also collect any material that have been suctioned, while (MORE)

What is a suction pad?

For me suction cups and pads are the same and I think those cups/pads are found in an octopus. The thing that sucks under the arms of the octopus. Answered by: cassey, britt (MORE)

Can you suction out your period?

You can't, but a professional can. Menstrual extraction is not commonly used today because it is notthe healthier option, but it become very popular amongst women'sclinics in (MORE)

What is a suction cup?

It is the rubber that makes a tight seal and creates the suction. If it is wet, it gives it even a better seal for suction. In office and household settings, they are commonly (MORE)