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What is suction?

An A/C compressor sucks refrigerant gas from the evaporator inside the car and compresses it into high pressure liquid. So the tubing that goes from the evaporator inside the (MORE)

What is suction filtration?

  Suction filtration is conducted by using a water aspirator, suction flask and a Buchner funnel. The force of the water pulls the air out of the apparatus (assuming the f (MORE)

What is slab suction?

  slabs of oceanic plate start to peel away because it's oldest, coldest, and dense. after about 180million years subduction starts on its own.
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How do you suction a newborn?

I'm assuming you mean in the nose? If helps to use a saline solution in the nose because it breaks it up and makes it come out easier. Then you push the bulb in so yo (MORE)

What is a suction pad?

For me suction cups and pads are the same and I think those cups/pads are found in an octopus. The thing that sucks under the arms of the octopus. Answered by: cassey, britt (MORE)

Can you suction out your period?

You can't, but a professional can. Menstrual extraction is not commonly used today because it is notthe healthier option, but it become very popular amongst women'sclinics in (MORE)

What is a suction cup?

It is the rubber that makes a tight seal and creates the suction. If it is wet, it gives it even a better seal for suction. In office and household settings, they are commonly (MORE)