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What is suet?

Suet is the hard white fat found around the kidneys and groin area of beef cattle.
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What is Suet used in?

In the UK suet is used to bake steak and kidney pies and suet puddings, we also bake with suet pastry to make jam roly poly.
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How do you make dumplings with suet?

Dumplings may be made with suet by substituting finely chopped suet for whatever fat is called for in the recipe.
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How do you make suet?

Suet is simply pieces of fat from animals (beef suet). Ribeye fat is real good. Firm fat layers is best for chopping to make Christmas puddings etc.. Kidney fat was used als ( Full Answer )
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Do deer eat suet?

Although it is not part of their normal diet, deer have been seeneating suet cakes laden with birdseed. This opportunistic feedinghabit occurs when the natural diet is sparse. ( Full Answer )
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What is suet crust pastry?

Suet crust pastry is an old style pastry rather than using just vegetable oils and things, this actually uses hard processed animal fat, if you like old pies from the 60s and ( Full Answer )
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What is the raising agent in suet pastry?

Water (or steam). A suet pastry is similar to other pastries except that it uses beef fat or suet. The fat creates layers in the pastry, which can then separate and rise from ( Full Answer )
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Can you rhyme with suet?

Boot ................................................................................................ Or how about 'blew it' as in, 'He won a fortune but blew it within 2 yea ( Full Answer )
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What is the definition of suet?

Suet is raw beef or mutton fat. especially the hard fat in loins and around kidneys. Suet is used to make tallow because it's excellent texture for that. It's also used in tra ( Full Answer )