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What is suffrage?

Suffrage (from the Latin root, meaning "vote") is the civilright to vote, or the exercise of that right. Basically, suffrageis "the right to vote." the right to womens voting (MORE)

What was the suffrage movement?

The Women's Suffrage movements of the 18th and 19th century sought to attaain the right to vote for women, who were historically denied the right. In the US, women briefly had (MORE)

Suffrage in a sentence?

Suffrage means having the right to vote in a country duringelections. For example, "Many women fought for suffrage during theearly twentieth century".

What is indirect suffrage?

"Suffrage" is another term for voting (it's a take on a latin word). Direct suffrage would be a direct vote from the represented people to elect their leader. Indirect suffrag (MORE)

What is tenancy of suffrage?

A tenancy at suffrage is another name for a tenancy at will. It means that the tenant is occupying the property with the permission of the owner but without a lease. It is us (MORE)

What was the woman suffrage about?

"Suffrage" refers to the right to vote; "women's suffrage" is the right to vote as it applies to women. Most countries in the past (some still in the present) had clear divisi (MORE)
In Mexico

What is the suffrage in Mexico?

It is the process used to elect government officials in Mexico. Some examples include the president, the congress and state governors.