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What does suffragists mean and who were they?

Women and very little men who advocated and campaigned for theright of women to vote in the United States. susan b Anthony -elizabeth cady Stanton -lucretia mott -Carrie Chapm ( Full Answer )
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Who are suffragist?

The word 'suffrage' means the right to be able to vote in politicalelections. A suffragist advocated for the rights of women to vote.
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Who were the suffragists?

The modern women's suffrage movement has a long, arduous and complicated history. It was always a struggle for equality.The movement is commonly thought to have originated w ( Full Answer )
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What did the women suffragists do?

Women's suffragists fought to gain the right to vote for women.They were also later involved in the fight to give women the rightto own property.
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How did the suffragists get the vote?

They didn't the Suffragettes did after world war 1 they showed they could work and so they won the vote but only after threatening to go back to there old ways if they didn't ( Full Answer )
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What was the suffragist movement?

The campaign for "Suffrage" was to give more people the vote. Until 1832 very few people were allowed to vote. That was the era of the "Rotten Boroughs"Where small communities ( Full Answer )
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Suffragist is derived from?

The term Suffragist refers to a group of people who rallied forrights. The word is derived from the suffrage.
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Why are the suffragists important today?

If it weren't for the suffragists, women today would not have anumber of rights (including voting) that most Americans take forgranted. There were a number of men even back in ( Full Answer )
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Were the suffragists successful?

This is a very controversial question which many historians have asked themselves over the years. It really depends on your individual view. People also say that women proved ( Full Answer )
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Who was a leading suffragist in Canada?

There were many, early ones include Mrs M.J. Benedictssen, Mrs A.V. Thomas, and Dr Amelia Yeomans as well as Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy and Laura Jamieson.