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How do you make sugar from sugar beets?

1) Slice the sugar beets into cubes or large thin slices 2) Boil the beets in the water until the water looks the consistency of tea 3) Strain the beet chunks out of the w (MORE)

Where are sugars from?

Granulated sugar is from the sugar cane. It is a form of bamboo type grass. The pulp of the interior is mashed, cooked and refined into sugar crystals. Other sources of sugar (MORE)

Where do you get sugar?

Sugar is derived from sugarcane. But you can get sugar from anysupermarket or grocery store . You can get natural sugar, whitesugar, brown sugar or powdered sugar.
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Does sugar have sugar in it?

A one word answer would be "YES". Depending on the kind of sugars meant, each kind of sugar has its own chemical formula. Table sugar is sucrose. It is made from two simpler s (MORE)
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What is the sugar in a mixture of sugar and water?

Firstly, a mixture of sugar and water is known as a solution. A solution is a solute completely dissolved in a solvent. A solute is a compound (can be in any state) which c (MORE)

How many sugar or how much sugar?

How much sugar. Sugar is an uncountable noun. Uncountable refers to nouns that we we cannot easilt think of as consisting of separate items eg liquids powders and for uncoun (MORE)