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How do you get sugar out of a sugar cane?

You extract the juice from the stalks first, then they refine and purify the sugar cane juice and let it dry into fine grains.
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Where are sugars from?

Granulated sugar is from the sugar cane. It is a form of bamboo type grass. The pulp of the interior is mashed, cooked and refined into sugar crystals. Other sources of sugar (MORE)
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Where do you get sugar?

Sugar is derived from sugarcane. But you can get sugar from anysupermarket or grocery store . You can get natural sugar, whitesugar, brown sugar or powdered sugar.
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Where do you get sugar from?

you can get sugar from grocery shop in your area hope that can help you
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Is table sugar a simple sugar?

No "Table sugar" is called in chemistry saccharose or sucrose; the chemical formula is C 12 H 22 O 11 . This is a disaccharide, not a simple (monosaccharide) sugar.
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Do they have sugar sugar rune in Borders?

"Sugar Rune Rune" is available online from Borders . You'll need to contact the nearest Borders to see if they are available at a Borders near you - below is a related link to (MORE)
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Is raw sugar refined sugar?

No. Raw sugar contains small amounts of nutrients and other factors that are "refined" or taken out of white sugar.
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Does sugar have sugar in it?

A one word answer would be "YES". Depending on the kind of sugars meant, each kind of sugar has its own chemical formula. Table sugar is sucrose. It is made from two simpler s (MORE)
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Which sugar is called invert sugar?

When sucrose is hydrolyzed it forms a 1:1 mixture of glucose and fructose. This mixture is the main ingredient in honey. It is called invert sugar because the angle of the spe (MORE)