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What is suggestion?

a thought like you should do that instead of that look it up! Don't you guys learn this in c.a. i mean no offense. Ok here's a suggestion why don't you look this up because ur (MORE)
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What is a suggestion?

If someone had no idea what to buy their girlfriend for Valentine's Day, and their friend offered the idea of buying chocolates, this would be a suggestion. I suggest you cons (MORE)
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What is suggestive photos?

Suggestive photos are typically photos that have adult content inthem. These type of photos are not suitable for a child's eyes.
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What is suggestiveness?

Suggestiveness is the noun form of suggestive (adjective) - referring to other thoughts/persons; rich in ideas. Sentence: His recommendation was suggestive of his boss's thin (MORE)
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What are the suggestions?

This question may be a bit hard to understand so.... LETS CHANGE IT!!! to What are suggestions? Answer: Suggestions are eg: "Excuse me Miss. Summer, I have a suggestion (MORE)
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What are suggestions for an adverb?

\n. Quickly, slowly, repeatedly: the -ly ending is a clue to most adverbs, but to be an adverb it must also describe an explicit or implicit verb.
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What is suggestibility?

Parry and Adiseshiah describe suggestibility as readiness to accpet suggestions. The suggestible person's mind accepts the ideas presented by someone else without any critical (MORE)
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Is suggest an adverb?

No. It is a verb. There is an awkward adverb form, suggestingly.The adverb suggestively has an entirely differentconnotation.
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What you suggest to do?

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