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What is a suicide hotline?

It is a hotline for people considering suicide to call and receive support in order that they will not go through with the act. Often people who consider suicide feel they hav (MORE)

What is altruistic suicide?

When someone kills themselves because they believe that the cause they are dying for is more important than their own life. For example: a soldier falling on a grenade
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What is suicide mouse?

So do any of you remember those Mickey Mouse cartoons from the  1930s? The ones that were just put out on DVDa few years ago? Well,  I hear there is one that was unreleased (MORE)

What is egotistic suicide?

Answer Killing yourself without giving a .... about your family and friends Answer "Egotistic Suicide" also refers to a sociological theory of Emil Durkheim that relates su (MORE)
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What is suicide watch?

  "Suicide watch" is a term used to describe a situation where a person has attempted suicide or it is believed that a person may have reason to harm themselves. In some c (MORE)
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What are suicide doors?

l. style of doors on some old sports cars that are hinged at the rear. They are only risky if one tries to Bail out while the vehicle is underway. at a full stop they are perf (MORE)
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How can you get suicide?

Suicide is not a disease and cannot be caught or transmitted. Suicide, by definition, is just the act of killing oneself for any reason whatsoever. It's an action- to commit (MORE)

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Are you suicidal?

Seek help if you are possibly contemplating suicide as it is not the answer to anything. It only causes grief. Call this toll-free hotline in the US for assistance: 1-800-78 (MORE)

What is the fear of suicide?

What is the fear of suicide? If you mean the fear of thinking that  a loved one might take his/her own life, that seems rather  self-evident. But, if you mean what fears acc (MORE)