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What is suicide?

Suicide is the taking of one's own life. Causing the non natural end of your own life by your own hand. The word 'suicide' is without a doubt one of the most dreadful expre (MORE)

What is a suicide pill?

\nA suicide pill is a pill or capsule that contains a fatally potential substance that a person will deliberately ingest to cause their own death. They are known to be taken s (MORE)

Are you for or against suicide and why?

i think that suicide is a natural way of life. sometimes one gets tired and no longer wants to be here, like for example i take you to kfc and we have been waiting in line for (MORE)

How do you convince a suicidal friend to not be suicidal?

The question you ask is difficult for non-professionals to deal with because 'being suicidal' means 'at risk of suicide'. In all cases when a person discloses to a friend of (MORE)

Does Suicide Mouse Have To Do Anything With Suicide?

No, It Doesn't, But It Is More Of A Strange, Probably Creepypasta Video With Mickey Mouse Walking Along On Some Street, Probably Having Him On Drugs, And The Most Scariest Par (MORE)