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What is a incoming ray?

A incoming ray is the light reflecting upon a solid surface without  it being absorbed. The incoming light is also referred to as vacuum  wavelength.

What is a cosmic ray?

Cosmic ray: A ray of radiation of extraterrestrial origin, consisting of one or more charged particles such as protons, alpha particles, and larger atomic nuclei. Cosmic rays (MORE)

Ray ray from Mindless Behavior?

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What did ray Charles do?

Ray Charles was a successful recording star who had many hits, including "Hit the Road Jack," "What'd I Say," and "Georgia on my Mind." Although he was blind, he became well-r (MORE)

What are canal rays?

Canal rays, sometimes called anode rays, were first observed in by  Eugen Goldstein in 1886. These rays are streams of positive ions in  a rarefied gas and have a higher mas (MORE)

Are rays vertebrates?

  Rays such as the manta ray are in fact vertebrates. They have a skeleton made primarily from cartilage. They are closely related to sharks, who also have a skeleton of c (MORE)
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What is an x-ray?

That question can mean two different things:   1)   An X-ray is a type of electromagnetic radiation. It has a higher  frequency than visible light and ultraviolet rad (MORE)
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What are X-rays?

X-rays   X-rays are very penetrating EM (Electromagnetic) radiation, by definition x-rays are produced by electrons being suddenly stopped or given a sudden change in direc (MORE)