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What is sulfur?

A pale yellow nonmetallic element occurring widely in nature in several free and combined allotropic forms. It is used in black gunpowder, rubber vulcanization, the manufactur (MORE)

How do you get sulfur?

Sulphur is an important non-metallic yellow element. At ordinary temperature it exists as a solid. It melts at 119deg.c and boils at 444deg.c. It does not dissolve in water bu (MORE)

What does sulfur do?

It is used in some soaps, makes gunpowder ,used on matches, in fertilizers ,fungicides, and pesticides. Only sulfur that isn't pure has a rotten egg smell, and those that do s (MORE)
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Where can you get sulfur?

sulfur is a mineral wich can be found in rocks or deposits. You can find it in water to or go to a rock collector store to buy it. If you want the smell of sulfur simply groun (MORE)

What is in sulfur?

Sulfur is an element , which means it can only be one thing...sulfur, all by itself. Elements are chemicals made of no other chemicals. They make up all chemical compounds, (MORE)

What can sulfur do to you?

Pure sulfur isn't too bad for you. You can safely ingest a reasonable amount of it, and it would not cause long term effects if you wash your eyes if it gets in there. But if (MORE)

What if you had no sulfur?

If, for some reason, there were no sulfur in the world at any time: . there would be no sulfa drugs . there would be no steel as H 2 SO 4 is an important chemical in stee (MORE)