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How should you deal with a sulky boyfriendShould you just leave him alone or try to cheer him up?

He needs to pull himself up by the bootstraps and manage his moods himself. Otherwise, your efforts will be for naught. Having tried to make someone happy and keep them there (MORE)

What is the Original color of a oliver sulky plow No 11?

Oliver green with Red Wheels? I've not ever really seen one in the flesh or have seen only b/w photos. I've seen someone offer to repaint a vintage plough "Oliver Green" and h (MORE)
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Where could you see a sulky pony?

You could see one on a farm owned by a older person.... or one on a small farm. A sulky pony would probably be neglected or not interacted with alot.
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Is sulky an adjective?

Yes. The verb is "to sulk", and the adjective is sulky, referring to a person who is moody and upset about something. But used very differently, the word can also be a noun (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Leo Sulky been in?

Leo Sulky has: Played Minor Role in "The Village Smithy" in 1919. Performed in "Ten Dollars or Ten Days" in 1920. Performed in "Lunatics in Politics" in 1920. Performed in "Ci (MORE)