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What is a good sentence for the word sullen?

"Sullen" means to be sulky, bad-tempered or gloomily silent. Therefore some suitable sentences would be:. He sat in sullen silence after he was grounded for a month.. After (MORE)

What is the origin to the word sullen?

-(adj.) darkened by clouds. -(adj.) showing a brooding ill humor. "a dark scowl",. "the proverbially dour New England Puritan",. "a glum, hopeless shrug", "he sat in moody (MORE)

What is the Punishment for sullen in Dante's inferno?

The souls of the sullen are punished for their lack of appreciation of the beauty of God's creations in life, therefore they are punished eternally to lie below the murky wate (MORE)

Who is s edward sullen?

He is a character from a new movie called "Vampires Suck." This movie is a parody of "The Twilight Saga." Edward Sullen- whom is supposedly known as Edward Cullen in "The Twil (MORE)