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What is sultanate?

A sultanate is a state in which the ruler bears the title Sultan.The modern nations of Oman and Brunei are sultanates.

What are sultans?

A Sultan is a Highest spiritual Religious Head of a Muslim State and usually a descendant of the Prophet of Islam. Succession is by blood lineage, kinship and heredity. Althou (MORE)
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What is the feminine of sultan?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female. The title for a male is sultan; the title for a female is sultan (MORE)

Who were Sultans?

The title Sultan is similar to the King under the Islamic Royal Leadership. It was introduced in the Sulu archipelago by the first Arab missionary who founded the Royal Sulu a (MORE)

What is a sultan wax?

A sultan wax is a sustainable method of body waxing. It typically consists of the removal, by wax, of a client's leg, arm, underarm, eyelash, eyebrow, and head hair. The clien (MORE)

Who was raziyya sultan?

Raziyya Sultan, daughter of Sultan Shams ud din Iltutmish, was the fifth ruler of the Slave dynasty (1236-1240) and the first woman ruler of India.
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Who is mahleik sultan?

mahleik h sultan is one of the best little league basketball layer and in the central summer league he average 30.6 pts , 9.0 rpg 10.5 apg and 3.7 stl n 2.8 blocks he goto lev (MORE)