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Who played Sulu on Star Trek?

George Takei in the original television series &movies that followed. John Cho in the rebooted film series.
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Why the Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo Kingdom was diminished?

Looking back in the history, quest for dominion and power in Europe is in close rivalry, almost all country in Europe at the start of 15th century wants to rule the world. Spa (MORE)
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Why there are so many claiming Sultan of Sulu and Sabah?

To answer the question , one must understand the background. The Sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo is once a dominant kingdom parallel to China during 1300 and 14oo AD . Euro (MORE)
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Who says there are many sultan of sulu and sabah?

There can be no many Sultan of Sulu and Sabah at one time . The hierarchy to the throne can never be broken because three distinct rank has to be undergone by the reigning and (MORE)
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Original name of sulu in Star Trek?

San Fransisco born of Japanese origin Lieutenant Commander and helmsman Hikaru Sulu of the USS Enterprise, later Captain of the USS Excelsior. Played by George Takei.
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Who is the true sultan of sulu?

These days and considering the systems of government, There are many Royalties as supposed descendants of the historical Kings and Sultans of the Muslim National Archipelago n (MORE)
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Who is datu hussayin arpa from siasi sulu Sultanate of Sulu?

Datu Hussayin Arpa is an appointed Deputy Governor of the Tribal Customary Governance of the Philippines. The most influential indigenous Organization in the Philippines. A co (MORE)
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Why should the Sulu Sultanate be bring about its return?

The Sulu Sultanate be bring about its return of total sovereignty and independence because of the existence of the true to blood heir of the true and rightful 1839 to 1904 Sul (MORE)
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What color does Sulu wear?

Sulu wears a yellow/gold uniform throughout most of Star Trek, including both the older series and the new rebooted Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness.