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Is 41 prime or composite and explain?

41 is prime because you can only multiply 41 and itself to get 41, wich makes a number prime. You can check if a number is prime by dividing it by the numbers 2 to 9 and if yo (MORE)

What is summing?

  Summing is the blending of audio signals (tracks) into a stereo mix. It is one of the final steps in the recording process, usually coming immediately before mastering (MORE)

Who wrote sum 41 songs?

the singer and im pretty sure the rhythm guitar player of sum 41, deryck whibley writes the not sure about the instrumental parts but he probably writes the guit (MORE)
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How tall is sum 41's bassist?

i read that he claims to be 5'11 but the drummer, Stevo, is 5'11 and Cone is taller then him. Stevo says he thinks he is like 6'4 or 6'5
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How is the number 41 a prime number?

It's a prime number because if you divide it by any number (other than itself or the number 1), you will not get a whole number as an answer. Try it! 41/2 = 20.5, 41/3 = 13.66 (MORE)

What is the sum Of?

The sum of is the total of everything being summed; the sum total. Thus the sum of a, b and c is therefore a + b + c.
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