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Which is correct in summer or on summer?

The correct use of this prepositional phrase would be "in summer."  The words "in" and "on" are both prepositions. One would use "in"  to describe being inside of or contain (MORE)

When is summer in Antarctica?

Since Antarctica is in the Southern Hemisphere, the first day of  summer is December 21 and it lasts until the first day of fall,  which is March 21.    However, the (MORE)
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When does the Arctic have summer?

Its summer is June-July-August just as the rest of the Northern Hemisphere, but is very short. In some places, it does not get above freezing. It varies widely because the Arc (MORE)
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What is colonialism?

Colonialism involves the setting up of colonies and the policy ofextending political and economic control over a foreign territory.
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Why do we have summer?

Because the earth is not perfectly "lined up" with the sun, it is tilted to one side, a tilt which remains more or less the same as the earth travels around the sun, so for a (MORE)
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What can you do in summer season and why?

you can go on holiday, bathe, swim in the seas, oceans, rivers or lakes; sunbathe, have BBQ, meet friends, travel to different countries, visit famous sights, go for a bike ri (MORE)

Who is Donna Summer?

Answer   Donna Summer (born LaDonna Adrian Gaines on December 31 1948) is a Grammy Award-winning American singer, songwriter, and occasional actress, best known for a str (MORE)

What happened to to the Roanoke colony after the summer of 1587?

Answer: The fate of the colonists is unknown. There are several theories, all of which have some validity. Some of the colonists may have moved south to merge with the friendl (MORE)