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Why is there a sun?

first of all the is here to keep you warm or you would freeze to death and second of all the sun gives you 70% of life
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What is a sun?

A Sun used to have a simple meaning as the star at the centre of our Solar System. However, in recent times, it has also come to mean any star that has planetary objects or ( Full Answer )
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What does the sun do?

The sun converts hydrogen into helium via nuclear fusion, liberating energy in the process. The sun, our local star, is the life source for earth. If the sun died, so would ( Full Answer )
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Why do you have a sun?

We have a sun because it gives out energy so we acn grow flowers and let things photosynthesie.. If we had no sun the world would be COLD and boring!
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If there is not sun?

\nThere would be no life as we know it.\n. \nThere are only a few newly discovered life forms on earth that are not dependent on the sun for survival.\n. \nEx. there are som ( Full Answer )
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What does sun do?

The sun heats up the planet on were live which is earth to keep us warm
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Do you have to have a sun?

We all have to have a sun with out the sun we will be frozen solid the sun warms us up with its heat if we don't have heat we will freeze to death
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Why do you have the sun?

Well, you wouldn't survive without the sun. Crops wont grow etc. And eventually we would starve.. Solar pannels wouldn't work and we'll also be short on electricity.. But ho ( Full Answer )
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What is on the sun?

Nothing living. But there is gas, solar flares, and basically HOTNESS! Solar Flares can cause devices (Such as Cellphones, Computers, etc.) to act weirdly, very weirdly. T ( Full Answer )
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Can you get to the sun?

no you can not go to the sun , the sun is too hot if you try you would die.