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Why is the sun called the sun when its a star?

It's called the sun because its the closest star to Earth, that  makes it special. The sun is the only star that heats the earth and  is visible during the day because its l (MORE)
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Why do you consider the sun as the brightest sun?

It's not the brightest sun out there but our is extremely bright for every square meter of it's surface it has the equivalent brightnes of 1000~ 250,000 watt bulbs and there a (MORE)

Where is the sun?

Here's a pretty good picture showing the approximate position iof the sun in our galaxy.   It's in a place ca (MORE)
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The suns distance from the sun?

The Sun's distance from the Sun is zero. If you mean the distance  from Sun to Earth, that is about 150,000,000 km. You might also say  the distance is one AU (Astronomical (MORE)

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What is the Sun?

The Sun is a star. The Sun is a yellow dwarf, one of the most common types of stars. It is 5000o C at the surface, but he inside is about 15,000,000 degrees. The Sun was forme (MORE)

How did the sun become the sun?

Like any star, a cloud of hydrogen atoms known as a nebula gets superheated what is called nuclear fusion to transform hydrogen atoms into helium atoms that is brought togethe (MORE)

What is a sun?

A Sun used to have a simple meaning as the star at the centre of our Solar System. However, in recent times, it has also come to mean any star that has planetary objects orb (MORE)

Why are there sun spots on the sun?

Sun spots form in pairs when a loop of solar magnetic flux breaks through the photosphere. The flux lines push away the plasma of the photosphere, exposing the slightly cooler (MORE)
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What if there was no Sun?

If there were no Sun to give the Earth its energy all living  things on the Earth - that is all plants and animals, including  human beings - could never have appeared. If t (MORE)
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Why do you have the sun?

Well, you wouldn't survive without the sun. Crops wont grow etc. And eventually we would starve.   Solar pannels wouldn't work and we'll also be short on electricity.   (MORE)