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Why doesn't the sun have rings or moons?

Technically, in a way, the Sun does have "moons". Moons are small planetary bodies that are caught in the gravitational orbit of a larger celestial body, such as a planet. A (MORE)

Sun myung moon messiah?

From the words of Jesus in the Bible we know that the Second Coming, Christ will be born on the earth. That will happen in an Eastern-Oriental country, as predicted in Revelat (MORE)
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Does the sun have moons?

The Sun has 8 major planets orbiting it, as well as asteroids, meteoroids and comets. However, it can never have a moon because moons are objects that orbit a planet, not a st (MORE)

Does the earth circle the sun or the moon?

the sun -- edit, -- is at the centre of the disk formed by the path of the Earth, (and other planets,) as they circle the Sun each year. This imaginary plate is called the e (MORE)

Is the unification movement started by Sun Myung Moon a cult?

People who are in it will say no. Most who are not in it will say yes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I W (MORE)