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Where is the cps on a 94 Sunbird?

TPS first of all i think you mean the TPS. its located on the throttle plate assy. follow the hose from the air cleaner up to the intake. youll see two electrical connectors (MORE)

Where does the thermostat go on a 91pontiac sunbird?

Answer . The thermostat is going to be located in the raditor. Use extreme caution when taking the raditor cap off to advoid burns from boiling antifreeze. Once the raditor (MORE)

Where do you get the sunbird?

The animals: Sub-Saharan Africa, Nile Valley north to coast of Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, Madagascar, Israel, Arabian Peninsula, Socotra Island, Comoro Islands, Seychelles, S (MORE)

Where is water pump on 1990 sunbird?

at the rear of the motor on the passenger side. You wont see the water pump unless you take off the timing belt cover, and it will probably be the 2nd pulley from the bottom o (MORE)
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What is the purpose of the Sunbird application?

The Mozilla Sunbird is a multi platform calendar application that provides users with simple, full featured easy to use calendar anywhere in the world.
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What to feed to baby sunbird?

Depending on the variety of Sunbird, you would need to feed fruitthat is ground into a paste or nectar. You can purchase commercialnectar products in pet food stores.