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Where is the flasher fuse on a 1994 sunbird?

below the steering column on the left almost to the floor There're two in a 1994 Pontiac sunbird. The one explained above is the HAZARD flasher; the other flasher, for your si (MORE)

How many cylinders does a Pontiac Sunbird have?

It can vary, a 2.0 litre is a 4cyl. and a 3.1 litre is a 6 cyl.. If you cant find the specs on the labels on the door or in the engine compartment, you can check the window st (MORE)

Where do you get the sunbird?

The animals: Sub-Saharan Africa, Nile Valley north to coast of Mediterranean Sea in Egypt, Madagascar, Israel, Arabian Peninsula, Socotra Island, Comoro Islands, Seychelles, S (MORE)

Can you use 10w40 in a Pontiac sunbird?

You can use any oil for a short period of time but if you are considering changing the oil out completely with 10w40 you might want to reconsider because that is like going fr (MORE)