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What is the sunnah?

The sunnah is the sayings and practices/doings of prophet Muhammad; peace be upon him It means prophet Muhammad (PBUH) sayings and practices. This should be followed by Muslim (MORE)
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What is the importance of the Sunnah?

Answer 1 It is important, because sunnah means the actions and sayings made by Mohammed. Muslims think that following sunnah is what they need to do, because Mohammed had do (MORE)
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What is a sunnah?

Any work done by our Prophet is Sunnath.. For eg: removing a stone that might cause difficulty for bikers or those who walk on road is also a Sunnath.
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What are sunnah?

Sunnah is the sayings/doings (behaviors/actions) of the Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). They have been memorized, and written down from those who were alive and close to him (his com (MORE)
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When was the Sunnah written?

Sunnah means the ways of the prophet and his relatives (wives, for example.. pbut). Hadith are written down - they contain the sunnah (ways of the prophet pbuh). The hadith we (MORE)
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What is Sunnah based on?

Sunnah is based on the utterences and practices of the holy prohet Muhammad (S.A.W). What He forbids, remained silent on a practice, likeness, dislikeness.
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What is ahadis and sunnah?

ahadis : what the prophet muhammed said . sunnah : the life of the prophet muhammed , which has some explanation for quran like ex: the prophet pray maghreb three Rak'ah whic (MORE)
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What is sunnah in Islam?

Sunna in Islam means the actions performed by the Holy Prophet (SAW) or the actions he commanded his followers to perform, or the actions his companions (RAU) performed in his (MORE)
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When are the sunnah fastings?

Fasting as the fourth pillar of Islam five pillars is due over the month of Ramadan (the 9th month in the Islamic lunar Calendar or called Hijra Calendar). This is practiced b (MORE)
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What is the sunnah of Muhammad?

The Sunnah of Muhammad in Arabic terminology, is seen as theverbally transmitted records of the teachings and sayings ofMuhammad. They are numerous in number and are compiled (MORE)