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Who are Sunnis?

Sunnis are a type of Muslim i am a sunni myself and the other type is a shia The Sunnies are the Ahl-i-Sunnat Wal Jama'at. The follow the teachings of holy Qur'an, the say ( Full Answer )
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Who is Sunni?

A Sunni is defined as someone who lives in the exact footsteps of the prophet Muhammes (S.A.W), unfortunately there is not a man alive who can rightfully claim that he is doin ( Full Answer )
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The shiite and sunnis?

they are two branches of islam.sunnis as majority and shia as minority. shiah believed in five principles such as prophecy , divine unity , ressurrection , imamah or succes ( Full Answer )
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Who are the Islamic Sunni?

The Sunnis are a sect of Islam that believe that the caliph may be anyone who believes in the Islamic religion.
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How did sunni start?

Sunni had come during the time of the prophethood of Muhammad Mustafa (pbuh), and they follow the practises by him (pbuh). (pbuh)=peace be upon him (I'm Muslim)
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Who is sunny baudelaire?

The yougest Baudelaire orphan in in ASOUE. In the beginning of the series, she's about a year old, at the end, I'd say she's around three. In the beginning, she likes bitting ( Full Answer )
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What is sunny?

Sunny is an adjective which means bright with sunlight. This iscommonly used to describe the weather conditions of a place.
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Are sunni and sunni Muslim the same?

yes the Sunni are the Sunni Muslims Sorry but did you mean Are Sunnies and Shites are the same? The basic beliefs of both the sects are the same. There is a little co ( Full Answer )
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Who is Sunny?

Sunni is the Muslim who believes in the legitimacy of the caliphs that been elected after the death of prophet Muhammad (peace upon him). Sunnis follow also, as all Muslims of ( Full Answer )
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Is sunny an adverb?

Sunny is an adjective. We say: A sunny day. A sunny disposition. The sunny side of the street. The adverb 'sunnily' has rare but specific uses.