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Which way is the sunrise?

  The sun, on earth, rises in the east. Depending on your latitude it may be south or north of due east.
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What does sunrise mean?

  Sunrise is the moment that the leading edge (sometimes called limb) of the sun first breaks above the horizon. Sunset is the moment that the trailing edge (the last of t (MORE)

How do you paint a sunrise?

Paint some yellow and red close to the sun that's low in the horizon. Border them with white. all the rest: paint with ultramarine blue and white (that's a darker blue). Whe (MORE)

Which is the land of sunrise?

japan is called as the land of sunrise . bcoz it's flag lokks like the red sun in the morning on a white background . and also for the situation of it near china .

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What is the color of sunrise?

The color of the sunrise as seen by an average human observer on  earth is a gradient from red to orange to yellow, etc... This is  because the higher energy blue light that (MORE)

Why is it colder an hour after sunrise than it is at sunrise?

The earth continues to radiate away it's heat, even though the sun has risen it is still too weak to warm the atmosphere, and the earth is still emitting radiation, even more (MORE)

Does Venus have no sunrise?

Venus has perpetual very thick cloud layers, so on the surface there would be no visible sunrise. If the clouds were somehow removed, then there would be a sunrise, but becau (MORE)

What is in tequile sunrise?

There are at least two variations of Tequila Sunrise drinks: The Original Variation consists of: Tequila Creme de Cassis Lime Juice Carbonated Water The Popular Concoction (MORE)
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Is sunrise a noun?

Yes, the word 'sunrise' is a noun, a singular, common, compound, concrete noun; a word for the first appearance of the sun in the sky each morning; the appearance of the sky w (MORE)