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Darwin was a superb scientist What traits did Darwin demonstrate that you would consider essential for a good scientist?

This sounds like someone's homework!    Darwin had several major characteristics that made him a good scientist:    He drew conclusions after collecting evidence (MORE)

When is timing belt due to change on Skoda Superb?

According to the dealer in UAE they reccomend changing the timing belt set at either 90,000 KMs or 4 years old 'whichever comes first' , but considering some well experienced (MORE)

A Fog is stored inside of Headlight of Skoda Superb 2006 Model what is the reason?

We used to get this problem on the Ford Focus when that first came out! The light unit basically has a crack in the casing or the seal between the front cover and casing is in (MORE)

What can you do to stay organized and not procrastinate and stay focused in school this year you are determined to get superb grades?

This can be described as a matter of prioritization. Give priority  to schoolwork. This means that if your school work is not  completed, you do that first, before you do ot (MORE)