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What is a supercluster?

Superclusters are very large groupings of smaller galactic clusters. Superclusters are the largest known structures in the Universe, and since they are not gravitationally bou ( Full Answer )
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Which is larger the sun or supercluster?

Well, let's see . . . Each [supercluster] is made of several [clusters of galaxies]. Each [cluster of galaxies] is made of several [galaxies]. Each [galaxy] is made of seve ( Full Answer )
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What are superclusters?

Superclusters are large groups of smaller galaxy groups and clusters and are among the largest structures of the cosmos. They can contain up to 50 galaxies and thousands of ( Full Answer )
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Which is bigger a supercluster or a galaxy?

A supercluster. A supercluster is made up of many clusters, and a cluster is made up of hundreds, if not thousands of galaxies.
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What is earth's supercluster?

Earth is in milkyway galaxy which is part of Virgo cluster and Virgo cluster is located in Virgo supercluster. Cluster = A group of galaxies. Supercluster = group of clust ( Full Answer )
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What is the diameter of the Shapley supercluster?

Super clusters do not have defined boundaries, not a defined shape. A ballpark figure would put the diameter at about 100 million light years, but extending to about 250 milli ( Full Answer )
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How many stars are in a supercluster?

A supercluster is a collection of clusters. There is no defined amount of clusters. A cluster could have up to 10 trillion stars, so a supercluster could contain around a q ( Full Answer )
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What makes up a supercluster?

A supercluster is a group of galaxy clusters, each of which in turn is a group of galaxies.
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How big is a supercluster?

A supercluster can vary between several hundred light years to a billion light years across. They are the largest structures in the Universe.