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What is the description of a supercomputer?

The usual definition of a supercomputer has been a computer  designed to be at least 10 times as fast and with at least 10 times  the main memory of the fastest standard com (MORE)

What are examples of supercomputer?

IBM NORCUNIVAC LARCIBM 7030 StretchCDC 6600CDC 7600Cray 1Cray 2Cray 3IBM Blue/GeneIBM WatsonBeowulf architecture (networked inexpensive microcomputers)etc., etc.
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What is a supercomputer used for?

A supercomputer is a computer that performs and runs at the fastest operation speed that is possible for computers at the time. Supercomputers perform high, complex processes (MORE)

What is the definition of a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is a very large sized computer. These computers are  used in NASA, railway, and in airports.   A supercomputer is any computer having at least 10 times th (MORE)

How fast is a supercomputer?

To qualify as a supercomputer, a given computer must have at least 10 times the speed and memory of other computers available in its time period. Therefor this is a sliding sc (MORE)

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Supercomputers are used for?

Super Computers are used for computationally complex operations  which yield results in nanoseconds. These tasks include Weather  forecasting, quantum mechanics, climate res (MORE)

What is the purpose of a supercomputer?

The purpose of a supercomputer is to have at least 10 times the speed and memory of any other computer available in its time period, to fill the needs of users with unusually (MORE)

Where are supercomputers used?

Supercomputers have many uses:   Online services  All large scale websites, games, chat programs, or any other internet service uses a supercomputer to handle the client (MORE)

What is the memory of a supercomputer?

A supercomputer is usually defined as a computer with at least 10  times the processing speed and at least 10 times the memory of the  fastest standard commercially availabl (MORE)

Who creates supercomputers?

A supercomputer is usually created by some of the large computer  manufacturing companies or sometimes by inventors or scientists in  universities.
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