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How superconductivity is a quantum mechanical phenomenon?

Superconductivity is not by any means a classical phenomenon. Imagine the water in the pipes in your house suddenly all occupying the same space, and the flow of water is not (MORE)
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How would a superconducting material at room temperature be useful?

Most superconducting materials have to be very cold. Getting materials this cold tends to require the use of a lot of energy. The idea behind superconducting materials is to t (MORE)

What is superconductivity?

Answer   Superconductivity is the flow of electric current without resistance in certain metals, alloys, and ceramics at temperatures near absolute zero, and in some case (MORE)
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Uses of superconductivity?

Electronic circuits have also been built using superconductors and powerful superconducting electromagnets are used in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Also, very low electri (MORE)
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What is optical and superconducting materials?

  Superconduction is a term that describes a material that has zero electrical resistance. This is significant because even good conductors like copper or gold always have (MORE)