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What is a superconductor?

A material is said to be a superconductor if when it is broughtdown to a critical low temperature it loses its resistivitycompletely. A superconductor is a material that ha (MORE)

How does a superconductor work?

A conductor of electricity is said to be a superconductor if it has some resistance at room temperature but when it is brought down to a critical temperature i.e. to a very lo (MORE)

Is aluminum a superconductor?

Sufficiently pure aluminum is superconducting at 1.2 Kelvin. Many of the pure elements are superconductors at sufficiently low temperatures, but some of them require special c (MORE)
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Why are superconductors useful?

Superconductors are very useful because they have super powers and are able to fly, jump, and use laser beams to eliminate the current within the circuit
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What is a advantage of a superconductor?

Conducting with zero resistance is a very good advantage. . This concept can be used in electro magnet property which enables us to even launch rockets without the use of fue (MORE)
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How do you make a superconductor?

To make an yttrium-barium-copper-oxide superconductor, you willneed:* Yttrium Oxide* Barium Carbonate (TOXIC)* Cupric Oxide* ALaboratory Furnace or a converted pottery kiln. * (MORE)
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Where are superconductors used?

SuperConductors are electrical conductors having zero resistance. Superconductivity is referred as a "macroscopic quantum phenomenon". Superconductivity is reached at extreme (MORE)

How is Mercury a superconductors?

mercury is not a superconductor. However at a certain temperature is is known to have a super low resistance meaning that electricity could move much quicker ,making it a su (MORE)