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Is aluminum a superconductor?

Sufficiently pure aluminum is superconducting at 1.2 Kelvin. Many of the pure elements are superconductors at sufficiently low temperatures, but some of them require special c (MORE)

Who discovered superconductors?

  Superconductivity was first observed by the Dutch physicist Heike Kamerlingh Onnes. He had developed a method to liquify helium and was therefore in a unique position (MORE)
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What is the importance of superconductors?

Superconductivity is a phenomenon that occurs when a substance (typically metallic or ceramic) reaches its "critical temperature" (Tc) and loses all electrical resistance. Thi (MORE)
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Where are superconductors used?

  SuperConductors are electrical conductors having zero resistance. Superconductivity is referred as a "macroscopic quantum phenomenon". Superconductivity is reached at ex (MORE)
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What are the applications of superconductors?

High field magnets for material research, SMES (Superconducting  magnetic energy storage) for military and electric utilities, coils  in generators for marine propulsion and (MORE)
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How do you make a superconductor?

To make an yttrium-barium-copper-oxide superconductor, you will  need:* Yttrium Oxide* Barium Carbonate (TOXIC)* Cupric Oxide* A  Laboratory Furnace or a converted pottery k (MORE)