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In which era did supercontinent Pangaea break up?

Pangaea started to break up during the Triassic Period. It  continued to split apart in the Jurassic Period and was almost  complete in breaking up in the Cretaceous Period. (MORE)

Did the supercontinent Pangaea really exist?

Pangaea, (or Pangæa, or Pangea) was the single supercontinent that existed between 200 and 300 million years ago. There were others at earlier times. Pangaea, (or Pangæa (MORE)

What is a supercontinent?

A supercontinent is one giant landmass formed from several different continents coming together through plate tectonics. The supercontinent is surrounded by one giant ocean. (MORE)

Why don't the present shapes of the continental fit perfectly into a supercontinent?

Changes in sea level, erosion, and deposition of sediment call all  change the shapes of coastlines. What fit together even better than  the continents themselves are the co (MORE)