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What are the names of the different supercontinents?

I am gonna have chicken nuggets, wait on sec... ok the supercontinents are Pangaea, but in french it is pangee. but french is crap and i hate it, so who gives a care... lol. a (MORE)

What is a supercontinent?

A supercontinent is one giant landmass formed from several different continents coming together through plate tectonics. The supercontinent is surrounded by one giant ocean. (MORE)
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In what era did the supercontinent of Pangaea exist?

The supercontinent existed in two eras: the late Paleozoic to early Mesozoic. Ultimately, this was about 300-200 million years ago.

How many supercontinents are there?

There are no current supercontinents. The last one in existence wasPanganea about 300 million years ago. It consisted of the landmasses that would become Eurasia, North Americ (MORE)
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What was the name of the the Supercontinent?

Before the large continent separated and made the seven continentswe have now there was a major continent names Pangaea. Pan meansall and the gaea means Earth.