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Properties of superheated vapor R134a?

  Answer   for English units, see this table (click on SI once t (MORE)

What happens to radon when it is superheated?

Radon, a radioactive inert gas, will, when superheated, begin thermionic emission. Let's put some in a container we can see through (with nothing else to interfere) and heat i (MORE)

Why is superheated steam used in power plant?

Two reasons. Superheated steam has zero moisture content, thus corrosion is reduced. Secondly, superheated steam carries more energy per pound of steam without increasing the (MORE)

What volume of superheated steam will 1 liter of water produce?

About 1244 litres at STP, i.e. 1,244 m3. This is calculated by using the Avogadro's law and the ideal gas law, which gives that water vapor will have the molar volume of 22, (MORE)

Why is superheating desirable?

As you'll know, the amount of energy you can get from (say) steam, is limited by the difference between the hottest the steam is, and the condensation temperature. So if we (MORE)
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Why steam is superheated?

superheated steam produces greater pressure and power and can go  very long distances by itself compared to regular steam.  +++  Not quite. The pressure is no more than tha (MORE)
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What is superheating and how can a person prevent it?

Superheating means to heat something above its boiling point  without the formation of bubbles of vapor (without it actually  boiling). It can be prevented by placing someth (MORE)

Why is superheating considered to be good in certain cases?

In steam engines you must superheat the steam to vaporize all of  the microscopic water droplets suspended in it from when the steam  was initially produced in the boiler. I (MORE)