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Who is the fastest superhero?

The Flash is the fastest superhero running at the speed of light even superman or Quicksilver don't stand a chance against him in a race. Overall the fastest superhero ever w (MORE)
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Is Batman a superhero?

Batman is definitly a superhero and the best one in my opinion. He is a superhero because he has many gadgets and mainly, he Helps People. Batman is also the most realistic su (MORE)
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Are superheroes real?

While so far there aren't any people with superhuman powers  fighting crime, there are plenty of people who have put on costumes  and took to the streets to help people. The (MORE)

Who is the richest superhero?

Black Panther   Black Panther is the richest known superhero. He has $35 billion  and Bruce Wayne has 11.6 billion. Tony Stark has even less than  both. Therefore, out o (MORE)
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What makes a superhero a superhero?

A superhero is simply someone born with unexplainable and unique powers. They then decide to use the powers they have inherited for the greater good, to help those who may not (MORE)

What does thor the superhero do?

In comic books the superhero Thor possesses superior strength and  powers that are stronger than anyone else. When Thor sees a  sentient being that is in need he will use hi (MORE)
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Who is a superhero that can fly?

DC Comics : (natural ability) Superman, Supergirl, Martian Manhunter, Red Tornado (using technology) Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Hawkman, any member of the Legion of Super He (MORE)

How do you spell superheroes?

That is the usual spelling of the term, as the one word "superheroes" (costumed crusaders).
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Who is a redneck superhero?

The NEX are Redneck Superheroes!  NEX is the story of four redneck buddies from the small  southern town of Bucksnort that are abducted, and mistakingly  injected with an (MORE)