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Who is the best superhero in the history of superheroes?

10 Ben 10 #09 Luke and Anakin skywalker #08 Superman #07 Spiderman #06 The green lantern #05 Aqua man #04 Wonder Woman #03 Iron Man #02 The Flash A (MORE)
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What is a superhero?

"a (super)hero embodies what we believe is best in ourselves. A Hero is a standard to aspire to as well as an individual to be admired" -Danny Fingeroth a person who got lu (MORE)

How can you be a superhero?

Help people in need. You don't have to fall in toxic waste to be super! Give the homeless some food, help the elderly cross the street. Do anything that people can look up to. (MORE)

Can you be a superhero?

YES, all you have to do is save lives or do something nice for other people and people can call you a superhero.
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Characteristics of a superhero?

the characteristics of superheroes are nothing Superhero is hero with prefics super. He posses powers that are unreal. Superhero man are muscular, have vide large chin, weare (MORE)
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Who is the stongest superhero?

Answer One vote for Superman. Answer No, you have know idea how weak Superman is against Goku or the Z warriors. Goku with transformation can blow up planets with no probl (MORE)
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What makes a superhero a superhero?

A superhero is simply someone born with unexplainable and unique powers. They then decide to use the powers they have inherited for the greater good, to help those who may not (MORE)
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Why is evil superhero?

Superheros have super powers..... super powers do not exist....... Humns have extraordinary powers called FIGHT AND FLIGHT...... SO NO SUPER POWERS,NO SUPER HERO,NO EVIL SUPE (MORE)