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How would a superintendent job be described?

There are different types of superintendents. One may be a superintendent of a building, a construction site, or a public school for instance.. For additional information abo (MORE)

What is a office superintend?

The Office of Superintendent regards the administration of thehighest officer of school district system. A superintendent can beanalogized to the chief executive officer of a (MORE)

What is a superintendent?

A superintendent refers to a person who oversees an organization orschool district. It could also refer to someone who has custody ofa building and manages its maintenance.

What is a superintendant?

General Functions: Builds the building. Manages men and materials on the job site so that the project is buildt for profit. Coordinates schedules so that men and materials are (MORE)

What is the meaning superintendent?

I got this from a online dictionary :p superintendent [ˌsuːpərɪnˈtɛndənt ˌsuːprɪn-] n . 1. (Business / Professions) a person who directs and (MORE)