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Who is a sgts superior?

In the UK Police Force a Sergeant is supervised by an Inspector. In the British Army a Staff Sergeant is the next rank up.
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What is superior cognitive?

Superior Cognitive Ability Compared to average students of the same age: Learns facts quickly Comprehends abstract ideas and concepts Enjoys challenging problems Makes quick a (MORE)
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What is a supervisor and a superior?

A Supervisor, is someone with more experience, put in charge of someone else or a group of people, to make sure that things are done properly. A superior, is anyone who has (MORE)

What is pareto superior?

Pareto superior is a state (based on the Pareto criteria) in which one parameter is improved without causing a negative effect on a different parameter.
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What is the opposite of superior?

The opposite of the adjective superior is inferior. The opposite of the noun superior may be subordinate, minion, or underling.
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Is lactitol is superior to lactulose?

yes lactitol is superior to lactulose...bcz.. 1. better pelletability as cmpare to lactulose only 40% of sugar sweeting power. 2. Dosages are quite economic only 15 to 3o (MORE)

Where is Lake Superior?

You will find Lake Superior in North America. It is bounded to the  north by the Canadian province of Ontario and the U.S. state of  Minnesota, and to the south by the U.S. (MORE)
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What does the Superior temporal gyrus do?

The superior temporal gyrus contains the primary auditory cortex, which is responsible for processing sounds. Specific sound frequencies map precisely onto the primary auditor (MORE)

What is superior race?

Nazis believed that Germans were the superior race. (BTW, they also believed that the ideal person was blonde and blue-eyed - Hitler had dark eyes and dark hair.) In truth, th (MORE)