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What is a superior mirage?

A superior mirage happens when an image (mirage) of an object  appears above the actual object. This happens due to the bending of  light waves.
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Who is a sgts superior?

In the UK Police Force a Sergeant is supervised by an Inspector. In the British Army a Staff Sergeant is the next rank up.
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What is a supervisor and a superior?

A Supervisor, is someone with more experience, put in charge of someone else or a group of people, to make sure that things are done properly. A superior, is anyone who has (MORE)

What is pareto superior?

Pareto superior is a state (based on the Pareto criteria) in which one parameter is improved without causing a negative effect on a different parameter.

What is a respondeat superior?

"Respondeat Superior" is a Latin term translated means "Let the master speak". In legal matters, it is a plea to hold the most trained, knowledgeable, and ranking individual a (MORE)

What does superior mean?

Superior means-   1. Higher in quality: above average or better than another in  quality or grade   2. Better than others: beat others in something such as intellect, (MORE)

What is the superior lake?

Lake Superior is the largest of all the Great Lakes. It is bordered  by Minnesota, Ontario, Wisconsin, and Michigan. It is the largest  freshwater lake in the world based on (MORE)
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What is the noun for Superior?

The word 'Superior' (capital S) is a noun, a proper noun, the name of a Lake in the northern US. The word 'superior' (lower case s) is a noun, a common noun, a word for the (MORE)