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What are the parts of the constitution that require a supermajority?

Convicting an Impeachment (2/3 majority in the Senate - Article 1, Section 3) . Expulsion of a member of one house of Congress (2/3 vote of the house in question - Article 1, (MORE)

What is a supermajority?

A number greater than a simple majority (51%) but less than a total majority (100%). The actual required number can vary according to the wording of statute or company bylaws, (MORE)

List all parts of the constitution that require a supermajority?

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Why are Diversity protected class people considered victims when they are the organized supermajority of voters inside the US and Israel?

Since the United States and Israel have very different legal systems (as concerns how human rights are protected) there are two very different reasons why the above question d (MORE)
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Why is supermajority required for porposing a constitutional amendment?

Because even though it is old the Constitution of the United States is the most well thought out document in history. The founders were even smart enough to put in a provision (MORE)