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When was the first Superman film made?

The first live-action film was a black and white serial made in 1948. The first Superman film was an animated short made in 1941. It was directed by Dave Fleischer. It starre (MORE)

Is Superman Returns a good film?

It was made with a great budget, but most people were disappointed with the story as it lacked the action expected in a live-action superhero film. Perhaps that is why the ser (MORE)
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What are the stages of making a film score?

The stages of making a film score vary according to genre, production size and the director/produces style of work. The answer to *when* to start working on a film score is (MORE)

What did superman do?

HE CAME TO EARTH IN A PAD (SPACE-POD), depending on the comic your reading, HE LANDED IN AMERICA OR RUSSIA He was adopted by simple townsfolk who teach him the important huma (MORE)

Why is a film score called a score?

In the Old Norse language, scoru meant to keep a tally or to keep track of something. Thus, "to score" a piece of music was to conduct it, like an accountant would keep track (MORE)

What is a film score?

A film score is the music playing in the background during a movie, or, film. This often is orchestral style music, but recently, the style of film scores have gotten broader, (MORE)
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Who played Superman in the most recent Superman film?

  Brandon James Routh   Brandon James Routh (born October 9, 1979) is an American actor and former fashion model. He grew up in Iowa before moving to Los Angeles to p (MORE)

What does Superman do?

He lives life as Clark Kent working a job as a reporter for a newspaper called the Daily Planet. When there is trouble- he assumes the identity of Superman as a disguise so he (MORE)

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