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What is a supermarket?

A supermarket is the same as a grocery store. It is a big shop with a range of food, clothes, DVDs, technical items, homeware, bakeries, sometimes opticians, fresh meat and fi (MORE)

Disadvantages about supermarkets?

1. Supermarket requires huge financial resources. 2. It is normally situated at a long distance from the residential localities. 3. There is lack of personal attention. 4. (MORE)

What is the disadvantages in a supermarket?

Well obviously if your shopping a supermarket they aren't going to have as diverse of a selection of foods as a speciality store. Also they seem to prey on you with "deals" th (MORE)

How big is a supermarket?

A supermarket's size is only limited by the planning permission granted by the local council.
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What supermarkets in the UK?

The UK has many supermarkets, including: . Asda . Tesco . Morrisons . Waitrose . Regional Co-Operative Societies . Sainsbury's . Spar . Lidl . Aldi . Netto (MORE)
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How does rice get to our supermarkets?

Farmers grow and harvest the rice then sell it to market. Those who buy the bushels of rice on the market take it to factories or mills to process it, including sorting, clean (MORE)