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Did they have supermarkets in 1930s?

The Supermarket (1930s and 1940s): As early at the 1920s, some chain grocers were experimenting with consolidated (albeit still rather small) stores that featured at least a s (MORE)

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How do you organize a supermarket?

A supermarket in the United States is carefully designed to provide not only the basic necessities of food, but to also provide related products that reflects the one stop sho (MORE)

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What is a supermarket?

A supermarket is the same as a grocery store. It is a big shop with a range of food, clothes, DVDs, technical items, homeware, bakeries, sometimes opticians, fresh meat and fi (MORE)
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How does rice get to our supermarkets?

Farmers grow and harvest the rice then sell it to market. Those who buy the bushels of rice on the market take it to factories or mills to process it, including sorting, clean (MORE)
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Can you get paysafecard from supermarket?

It depends on where you live. There is a paysafecard store locator on the official paysafecard website. You enter your street name or your ZIP code and the system finds the n (MORE)

What a computer can do in supermarket?

Supermarkets have computer systems for receiving payments  during checkout, recording sales and keeping customer  information.
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What supermarkets in the UK?

The UK has many supermarkets, including:    Asda   Tesco   Morrisons   Waitrose   Regional Co-Operative Societies   Sainsbury's   Spar   Lidl (MORE)