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How do you get superpowers?

There are no actual super powers in the world, other than theextension of your natural abilities to learn and create. Superpowers are found in fantasy and fiction.
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Who were the superpowers?

In the 1950s and 1960s the superpowers were the United States and Russia or at that time the (USSR) Soviet Union.. Now it consist of India, Pakistan, China, European Union, C (MORE)
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How can you get superpowers?

By definition, superpowers don't obey natural laws. They do not exist in real life and there is no real-life way to get them. People in comic books get superpowers in a var (MORE)
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Are superpowers real?

I'm sorry to say this, but no. And I know what you see intelevision and video games about people having and gettingsupernatural and eaxtraordinary abilities, but that's just f (MORE)
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Can you get superpowers?

well heres one thing for certain, you cant get them by going in a radio active explosion. meditation also look up astral projection
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Do you have superpowers?

No because it is properly a myth or just a tale you have heard from so NO!
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What is the Superpower?

In today's world, it's a nation that possess's nuclear weapons (and has the capacity to use them-a delivery system). Prior to nukes, a super-power had battleships (and lot's o (MORE)
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I have a Superpower what do you do?

Well it depends which one you have. Like if it's super strength use it to fight bad guys. If it's psychic, telepathy, use it to see the future and stuff. If it's telekinisis w (MORE)
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Why do you have superpowers?

I don't neither do you, you might have a special talent but not a superpower.
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Doi have a superpower?

So if you have superpowers which you do u have the power to fly go jump off a bridge.