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What are superstitions?

According to the Oxford dictionary a Superstition is "Excessivelycredulous belief in and reverence for the supernatural" andaccording to Merriam-Webster "belief or way of beha (MORE)

How are superstitions categorized?

Superstitions can be categorized according to the subject matter.They can be categorized according to the culture from which theyoriginated. They can also be categorized accor (MORE)

What is superstition?

SUPERSTITION . SUPERSTITION: . Superstition is any blind belief. What makes you blind is your need or greed. It makes you exploiter or exploited. It makes you arrogant or me (MORE)

What is a superstition?

Superstitions are things that people believe that bring good or bad luck. They are not true for some people but others believe in them strongly.

Who started superstitions?

It wasn't anyone person. Superstitions because of the evolution of myth and folklore. As belief systems grow larger, more complex and more heavily influenced the doctrines of (MORE)

What are the disadvantages of superstition?

The disadvantage of superstition is emotional inhibition derived from the superior influence of leaders and elders. This emotional inhibition is generally a fear created by re (MORE)
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What is superstitous?

Superstitious is when a person is very spirtual or believing in paranormal or supernatural occurances. Superstition is when you attribute supernatural phenomena to natural oc (MORE)

Why do you have superstitions?

Well, the superstition is a bad luck. If you start your trip on friday you meet misfortune. . Friday the thirteenth is an unlucky day . A rabbit's foot brings good luck . A (MORE)

How do superstitions become superstitions?

Generally speaking, superstitions come about by repetition. We will say for example you are about to start you mid-term exams. You have studied and prepared yourself as bes (MORE)

When was the first superstition?

Restored the original answer: Superstitions have inhabited the minds of humankind since we first became self aware. It is the nature of our thinking to find links (no matter h (MORE)