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What is a 'superstore'?

Superstore In a retail environment, a superstore is a large retailer who stocks and sells a wide variety of merchandise including groceries, clothing and general supplies, or ( Full Answer )
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What is differ from hypermarket and superstore?

A Superstore is a much larger department store selling general merchandise. A Hypermarket is the same, but also sells grocery products. Your probably confused, because Wal-M ( Full Answer )
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What is a superstore gift card?

I really am not sure what a superstore gift card is. But if you ask me, I guess its a gift card that would probably allow you to buy from any store. But, I am not 100% sure.
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Where is the fitness superstore located?

The Fitness Superstore you would be interested in would depend on your personal location. There are three Fitness Superstores total. I has two locations in Albuquerque and one ( Full Answer )
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What is the academic superstore?

Office Max had once carried this as their slogan, but in recent years Walmart has already adopted this into their slogan. Both places offers great prices on back to school spe ( Full Answer )
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What is an academic superstore?

An academic superstore is a shop that sells various equipment and supplies for students and teachers. They sell all types of stationary, computer software, and even computers. ( Full Answer )
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What do superstores do with the expiring canned food?

This is a broad-reaching question and while I can't answer for allsuperstores this will provide you with an example. BJ's does notdiscard good, wholesome and nutritious unsold ( Full Answer )
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What does the SST superstore sell?

The Superstore is a Canadian grocery store. They sell grocery items as well as Joe Fresh Brand clothing. The Superstore also offers discounted services such as, dry cleaning, ( Full Answer )
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What does the Superstore Provantage sell?

The Superstore Provantage sells a very wide range of technology products. Some of the products sold include computers, storage, cables, software and licenses.
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What is the name of a great Canadian superstore?

One of the better Canadian superstores is the Real Canadian Superstore. The business can be found in six of the provinces of Canada. In many of the locations, Real Canadian Su ( Full Answer )