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What is the ticker symbol for Supervalu?

Answer . The ticker symbol for Supervalu is SVU and it is traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
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Supervalu is closing at my location How do I keep them from transferring your medical records without your permission?

The pharmacy records are a part of the business, and are usually transferred to another nearby location within the company, or sold contractually to another company.. Superva (MORE)
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What is supervalu mission statement?

Mission Statement . Our mission at SUPERVALU ® always will be to serve our customers better than anyone else could serve them. We will provide our customers with value (MORE)
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Did SuperValu fall for an internet scam?

Yes. They got taken for about 10 million dollars when someone sent them emails claiming that they needed to start sending their payments to a new email address. They purported (MORE)
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Did supervalu sell shaws?

According to the cashier at my local Shaws, the answer is yes. They have been acquired by another company and will be changing their name soon. They will become more like Mark (MORE)
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Is supervalu owned by Mormons?

No. Supervalu is a publically traded company owned by shareholders. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) does not own any grocery or retail st (MORE)
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What parent company owns Supervalu?

Supervalu is a line of grocery stores through out the United States. Several of the chains were sold in January 2013 and are now owned by the parent company, Cerberus Capital (MORE)
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Where can one find supervalue breaks?

The Supervalue Real Rewards web site is the place to go to find supervalue breaks. There is also a supervalue Android app listed in the Android app store.