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What do supervisors do?

They make sure that short and long-term goals are being met in an appropriate manner.
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How do answer about your supervisor?

handling, managing, providing the ideas, freely making the are's where's the area for responsible and specially making and building the good team, ordering the iteam and avail (MORE)
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Who are supervisors?

Supervisors are a special group of users on WikiAnswers who have special powers on the website. Supervisor powers include the ability to merge questions, set question alternat (MORE)
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Can a Supervisor block another Supervisor?

No, Supervisors cannot block another Supervisor. Only Community Assistants ( Employees) are able to block Supervisors. If you do attempt to block another Supervisor (MORE)
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Do you have to be a supervisor to get into the WikiReviewers?

No, anyone that meets the requirements may join the WikiReviewers. These requirements are: . Must be at least 13 years of age . Pass a basic spelling/grammar/writing te (MORE)
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What is a pseudo supervisor?

Pseudo.................means "pretend" "imitating" "false". So a pseudo supervisor is someone who pretends to be a supervisor ( and really has no clue how to do it). I've know (MORE)
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Why are there supervisors?

To keep everything in check & it was a easy job tothink of and do.also because most people are super good at it andsothe boss doesn't have to do a lot
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How do you email a supervisor to become a supervisor?

There is a link on most pages 'Become a Supervisor' - simply clickthe link, and it will take you to a page that tells you what thecriteria is fro being a supervisor. Your past (MORE)