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What is economics?

The branch of social science that deals with the production, consumption and distribution of goods, services and their management. This includes capital and raw materials as w (MORE)

How does supply-side economics differ from Keynesian economics?

Supply-side economics focuses on increasing overall supply (goods and services produced) in the long run. This is done by increasing the availability of capital, labor, and t (MORE)

What are the factors affecting supply in economics?

The supply of a commodity is the amount of commodity a producer is willing to put in the market at a given time at a given price. The factors affecting supply are- 1. Price (MORE)

How would Keynesian economics differ from supply-side economics in attempting to fix an economy with high unemployment?

  a keynesian would spend more money himself (ie, government spending like obama), a supply-side economist would give people money to spend (ie, tax cuts like bush)
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What is the economic about?

Modern Definition of Economics   Prof.A.C.Dhas defines economics as "The study of choice making by individuals, institutions, societies, nations and globe under conditions (MORE)

What is Supply and demand economics?

Answer     what is supply and demand?     ANSWER   In economics, supply and demand describes market relations between prospective sellers and buyers of a (MORE)