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Who do you support?

Leeds Leeds Leeds! Nobody supports Leeds apart from you. Man U r the greatest!!! Eeeerrr no. I support my legs because my legs support me. Ooooh that ones so old! West Ha (MORE)

What is support?

It depends on how support is used and what it refers to. One typeof support is child support, which is money paid to the parent whohas custody of the children by the non-custo (MORE)

How do you support Southampton?

Southampton FC are a well supported club, and to support them is a big thing as all the fans are very proud of being Southampton Supporters and usually buy merchandise. And ha (MORE)
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What is logical support?

There is no such thing. To adaqutely support a child is so expensive, two people living separately with a combined income of 10,000 or less will be struggling no matter what t (MORE)

Who supported the Nazis and why?

I do because Hitler was a great man, he leaded a country which was suffering fromgreat depression and being treated unfairly by the allies and transformed germany into a great (MORE)
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Is it support for or support to?

I would say that "support to" is used to mean a literal support such as to hold up a roof. He added a steel brace to give more support to the roof. I would say "support (MORE)

Who tended to be supporters of prohibition why did they support it?

Prohibition of alcohol was mostly supported by women; the main organization that worked to enact Prohibition was the Women's Christian Temperance Union. Women often had terri (MORE)