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Do you get antibiotic suppositories?

Yes, antibiotics do come in suppositories. It isn't real common,but they are available and are used in some cases.
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What are anal suppositories for?

Suppositories are normally smooth, bullet shaped pills made of a substance that becomes liquid or dissolves when exposed to the internal temperature and environment of the rec (MORE)
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Who invented the suppositories?

In 1991, Abd-El-Maeboud and his colleagues published a study in The Lancet , based upon their investigation into whether there was some hidden and forgotten knowledge behind (MORE)
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What is suppository?

A suppository is a type of medicine that is inserted into therectum, to clean out the bowels. Suppositories can be used prior toabdominal surgery or to relieve constipation.
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What is a suppository?

A suppository is a pill or medication that is inserted through the rectal area of the body. A suppository can be introduced into any absorbent orifice of the body,such as the (MORE)
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How do you make a suppository?

Take medication in powdered form, mix with coconut oil, make a mold out of paper or tin foil , fill, put in freezer for @ 20 minutes and you have it.
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How do you Insert a Suppository?

\nI'm a pharmacist so I counsel people about this. \n. \nSuppositiries are chosen as the way to give medicine instead of a pill in a few situations. \n. \nOne is when you (MORE)
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Are there suppositories for babies?

Yes, often times when a baby is constipated, the health provider will advise you to insert an anal suppository to help relieve the constipation. In the case of newborns, the s (MORE)
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Why are suppositories used?

Suppositories are used when medication can't safely or effectively be delivered orally or injected. For example, a person with severe nausea can't swallow pills; they come ri (MORE)
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What if you overdose on suppository?

immediately overdose on a laxative. the suppositories will then shoot out, like a human pez dispenser.